The Old Moot House Restaurant
The Old Moot House Restaurant  

Business hours

 We are open for business during the following times:


Wednesday, Thursday & Fridays

Breakfast, brunch & lunch 9.30am  - 4.00pm Hot food served from 9.30am -2.00pm

Dinner                                6.30pm - 11.00pm Hot food served from 6.30pm - 9.00pm


Saturdays Breakfast Brunch & lunch 9.30pm - 2.00pm

Dinner 6.00pm - 11.00pm Hot food sreved from 6.00pm - 9.00pm



Breakfast, Brunch & Lunch 9.30am - 12.00pm Sunday lunch 12.00pm-4.00pm





Closed Mondays & Tuesdays 

We are located at:

The Old Moot House Restaurant

1 St. James Street The Old Moot House

Castle Hedingham Halstead


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If you have any queries, please contact us:


+44 1787 460342 +44 1787 460342


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